Amber by Living Gems

Two Living Gems tell us their secret for staying young-at-heart

Alan and David pictured with their bikes are keen cyclists at Amber by Living Gems

After making the move to Amber by Living Gems. Alan and David soon discovered they share a passion for staying fit and active. Both are keen cyclists and play a mean game of competitive table tennis, so it’s no wonder they’ve quickly become firm friends.


Leaving the cool climate of Goulburn to embrace the sunny resort lifestyle at Amber by Living Gems, Alan and his wife, Gillian made the best move of their lives in November last year. It wasn’t long before they met David and Laura, who had moved from the Glasshouse Mountains into their new Living Gems home earlier in February.

Hitting it off straight away, Alan and David began cycling together, morning and night. And not long after, the dynamic duo were also playing competitive table tennis two to three times a week.


Both Alan and David have been keen cyclists for years. When Alan arrived at Living Gems, he noticed David cycling around the Resort too.

“When I got here, I’d go out for walks and David would sweep past me on his bike. I thought, what a great idea! While I’d cycled a bit back in Goulburn, I didn’t have a bike here at Living Gems. So, I went out and bought one”, said Alan. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Alan and David now cycle together, cutting laps around the facility each day – generally hitting the 10km mark with ease. “The ride isn’t hilly but it does have slight inclines. We’re not breaking any speed records, but it keeps our legs mobile and helps us stay fit”, said David.“It’s also very social – we talk a lot while cycling. In fact, it’s where we come up with our tactics for table tennis,” he adds.


With the facilities yet to be completed at Amber by Living Gems, Alan and David have been invited to play table tennis at nearby Opal by Living Gems.

Putting their clever table tennis strategies into play, Alan and David team up in a competition, three times a week. Each session lasts a few hours and a challenge match is held every second session. Did we mention that they’re quite competitive?

“We have 15 players involved in the competition at Opal by Living Gems, which is headed up by a very talented female table tennis player,” said Alan.

The pair, along with other budding table tennis players from Amber and Opal also go on tour… over to Beenleigh Senior Citizens Centre to play in a competition of around 30 people. 


Staying active, fit and healthy, Alan and David live every day to the fullest! And, when they’re not out cycling or practising their spin shots, there’s always a neighbourly gathering to attend. It truly is the dream retirement lifestyle. 

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