Stars in their eyes - Roy's star-studded line-up
Living Gems Gold Coast

Stars in their eyes – Roy’s star-studded line-up

Close encounters of the famous kind Many of us have had close encounters with a celebrity. It might be bumping into a famous footballer at Bunnings, spotting a singer in Spotlight or seeing a movie star on the street. However, two Living Gems homeowners had more than just a brush with fame.   Roy's star-studded line-up Now enjoying a more relaxing lifestyle at Living Gems Gold Coast, Roy McKeen’s professional career and personal interests has had him rubbing shoulders with some of the most notable figures of the 20th century. The former radio presenter and jazz aficionado also had a career as a police officer in Ireland, which resulted in getting up close and personal with the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger! “In 1963 I was a police sergeant stationed in Belfast City Centre. One evening I was on duty and saw a crowd of teenagers milling around a theatre where the Rolling Stones had been appearing,” he said. “There was a lot of noise. I went into the...
Living Gems Gold Coast resort managers
Living Gems Gold Coast

Living Gems Gold Coast is a family affair

Welcome to James, Chelsie and Thea! Living Gems Gold Coast’s new resort managers James Bridge and Chelsie Steele might be new to property management but they’re not new to the great facilities and friendly community found at Living Gems. “I was a gardener at Amber by Living Gems and really loved the resort,” said James. “I spoke to the resort managers there about the work they do and was getting ready to put my name forward to become a resort manager at a future new resort. Then I got a phone call to see if we were interested in managing Living Gems Gold Coast and we jumped at the chance!” In addition to getting to know the residents at one of Living Gems longest established resorts, James is enjoying working with his wife Chelsie. “Chelsie has lots of experience in management, but her previous position was largely nightshifts, so I’d come home at the end of the day, just as Chelsie was leaving for work,”...
Living Gems Gold Coast veteran Neale Horrocks
Living Gems Gold Coast

A colourful life

RAAF veteran tells tale of his youth in service Being colour blind did not hinder Living Gems Gold Coast veteran Neale Horrocks from embracing an Air Force career, which he credits for helping him find the right path in life. In December 1951, Neale, a 17-year-old country boy, lived in a city boarding house. He was working at a job that was satisfying but had no future. Suddenly, North Korea decided that they should own all the Korean Peninsula and the Korean War began. “I received ‘callup’ papers to be at RAAF Station Amberley on 10 December 1951. I was two weeks away from turning 18,” Neale says. “I was processed, injected, yelled at, intimidated, and taught about the power of authority. It wasn’t too bad, unless you fought the system – and I soon learned that you couldn’t win.” Neale made the momentous decision to sign on as a ‘regular’ where he was provided with good food, a good bed, good friends, and a...