If you want to become more independent, then move into an over 50s Resort! Now, that may sound odd, but it’s actually true. Let’s take a look at why Home Owners at Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts are independent, ‘progressive’ retirees. They have the time, sense of adventure and resources to travel and do the things they are passionate about.

This is finally your time to do the things that you want to do. Now that many of the responsibilities you had, such as family and work commitments have been met, you can spend time on yourself. Living Gems is here to help you along the way.

We are all looking for an active, social and engaged retirement lifestyle. This not only adds to our lifespans, but also helps to ensure our future years will be healthy and fulfilling. There are statistics aplenty to demonstrate this.

People living in communities have fewer hospital visits than others; socially active people have lower incidences of depression; mental activity could delay the onset of dementia – the benefits of staying active and social are extensive.

Buying a home in an over 50s Resort is a major financial decision. You want to be sure it is the right investment for your circumstances today and also for the longer term for you, your children and perhaps grandchildren. Whilst there are many things to consider, there are five broad financial phases to any home purchase:
  • Understanding what you are buying in terms of location, title and facilities.
  • The price you are paying.
  • The ongoing expenses.
  • The possible sale of your home and any related costs.
  • Passing on your home as a legacy to your family.

There’s only one group that loves our Resorts more than we do – our wonderful Home Owners!

Please enjoy reading their stories and experiences on the Living Gems Community Corner. It is sure to provide a taste of what life at Living Gems is like!