Live every day like you’re on holiday

Living Gems Sales Manager Victoria Dent said that residents at the Pacific Paradise resort certainly make the most of every day.

“It is wonderful to see everyone enjoying all the resort has to offer; be that lawn bowls competitions, tennis matches, aqua aerobics, leisurely strolls around the resort or happy hour drinks with friends.”

“You occasionally go quite some time without seeing certain residents as they’re always off travelling the world,” says Ms Dent.

Living Gems residents David and Beth Nielsen said moving into Pacific Paradise allowed them to downsize from their former canal-front property on the Sunshine Coast, and it has freed them up to do more travelling.

“We felt that it was time to downsize, and by living here, at a turnkey resort, we knew we could go off travelling even more than we had in the past.”

“We have been on 70 cruises spanning every continent apart from Antarctica. We travel to see this fascinating world in which we live, and we are somewhat addicted to it,” says David.

Ms Dent said that residents at Living Gems Pacific Paradise all agree that they have found their place in the sun.

“As well as enjoying meals in the country club and BBQs by the pool on a Sunday afternoon, residents enjoy getting out and exploring the local area for the perfect place to eat.”

“We are surrounded by an abundance of restaurants serving up delightful food that would make even the most accomplished foodie sing.”

“The North Shore Tavern is only a 10-minute walk from the resort if you’re after pub food, or you can travel ten minutes by car to reach The Loose Goose, Nouveau Bar or Lily’s on the Lagoon in Twin Waters.”

“The Piano Bar in Maroochydore offers a lovely atmosphere and most nights you can enjoy live jazz music. Make sure to try one of The Piano Bar’s signature cocktails,” says Ms Dent.

With all this at your fingertips you can be sure you’ll live everyday like you’re on holiday at Living Gems Pacific Paradise.

For more information call 1800 785 694, visit our website or send an email to

Pets: Meet Mollie Sommers

Name: Mollie.

Age: 14 years.

Sex: Female.

Parents: Charlie and Inga Somers.

What type of dog are you? I’m a Belgian barge dog; a schipperke. The nickname comes from the days when we would assist horse-drawn barge owners in Europe by nipping at the heels of the horses and guarding the barge at night.

What’s your favourite food?

I’m happy eating whatever Charlie and Inga feeds me, whether it is dried biscuits or meat.

What is your favourite toy?

I am getting on in years now, so I don’t play as much as I used to. When I was a puppy, however, Charlie and Inga’s granddaughter gave me a stuffed reindeer that for years was my favourite toy. I would run around with it, and sleep with it – we were best mates. He is still hanging around after 14 years.

Best part of the resort?

Charlie and Inga will take me for two walks a day, and I love going for a roam around the resort and surrounding areas. Usually, Charlie will walk me to the newsagent in the morning to pick up the newspaper. We will also go to the off-leash area by the river at Bli Bli, which is a lot of fun.

Your most annoying habit?

I’ve been told I’m a good dog with a lovely nature. I do, however, like to scrape around the pebbles in the garden.

Your best moment?

Recently, I was hungry and curious to know what the pebbles tasted like, so I ate about a dozen of them. Mum and dad had to take me to the vet where I was given some medication to poo them out. It was highly embarrassing.

Living Gems Pacific Paradise September Clubhouse Update

The Living Gems Pacific Paradise Clubhouse is really taking shape.

The interiors are close to finish (pictured below) and things are progressing rapidly on the outdoor facilities.

We can’t wait until everything is complete and ready to go!

Coffee lounge
Games room
Piano in foyer
A white Christmas in Germany and Austria

Dreams of a white Christmas inspired Michael Holder and Karen Hawkings to travel to Germany at the end of 2016, a country that captures the spirit of the season like no other.

The Deutschland Christmas charm is showcased at its wintertime markets and beer halls where the amber liquid flows freely and the wine is served warm and with spice.

Michael and Karen did the Christmas and New Year period with Albatross Tours, first with a 7-day tour around Germany, followed by a 5-day Sound of Music-themed New Years journey around Austria.

“It was a wonderful trip,” says Karen, “the scenery was spectacular, and the markets were very special – the food was delicious – and they captured the spirit of Christmas just as we had imagined they would.

“It was our first Christmas in the northern hemisphere. We always wanted a white Christmas and New Year, and it was very nice to get the opportunity to see that alongside a group of really nice people on our tour. “

The Living Gems Pacific Paradise residents flew to Frankfurt to pick up the tour, and visited Bamberg, Nuremberg and Rothenberg ob der Tauber, which is often called a “fairytale dream town” because of its romantic medieval architecture.

In many ways, it is the archetypical country German town, and it was the inspiration for the village in the 1940 Walt Disney movie Pinocchio. Another Disney inspiration, the Neuschwanstein Castle, was also part of the tour.

Karen and Michael then travelled on to Fussen, in the Bavarian Alps, where they spent Christmas. From Fussen, the couple travelled on to Munich, via Lucern in Switzerland, where they linked up with another Albatross Tours group for a seven-day trip around Austria, themed around The Sound of Music.

The group was based out of Salzberg, where most of the Sound of Music was filmed, and toured the surrounding areas. From Salzberg, the couple visited Salzkammergut in the Austrian Lakes District; St Gilgen, where they caught a cable car to the top of Zwolferhorn Mountain, and experienced a horse and carriage ride in the snow from the ski resort of Filzoos to Oberhofalm.

Leopold Castle, which was the Von Trapp family home in the film, was the venue for the New Year’s Eve festivities. It overlooks a small lake into which the Von Trapp children fell out of a rowboat in one of the film’s most memorable scenes.

It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque way to celebrate the beginning of a new year than with a light snowfall as fireworks burst in the sky over a frozen lake.

“We didn’t get a ‘white Christmas’ but we were very lucky that it began to snow that afternoon, it made our day and created a really beautiful atmosphere as we watched the fireworks.”

Later in the year, the couple participated in a Scenic Tours river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam and then visited Italy and Sicily. And the busy couple was preparing for a trip to Japan on the day they spoke to the Living Gems Pacific Paradise newsletter.

As Karen says, “there are so many places to see and things to do. It is a big world, and we would like to see as much as we can.”


Living Gems Pacific Paradise Residents Get a Sneak Peek of the Clubhouse

Recently, Living Gems Pacific Paradise residents enjoyed happy hour and a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-complete clubhouse.

Check out the pictures below…


Unveiling of the Grand Piano at Living Gems Pacific Paradise

A stunning showpiece of the Living Gems Pacific Paradise clubhouse has recently been unveiled.

The newly refurbished baby grand piano, kindly lent to Living Gems Pacific Paradise by the Gowty family, currently resides in the entrance to the clubhouse.

Pacific Paradise is party central
Living Gems Pacific Paradise is Party Central

Hostess extraordinaire and Living Gems Pacific Paradise sales manager Victoria Dent has planned a Friday night Happy Hour.

Invited guests include people who are already enjoying the lifestyle at the new Sunshine Coast resort and those who are soon to join them. Victoria says she loves hosting events. “I enjoy sharing a few drinks and some tasty canapés with friends.

The Pacific Paradise residents and staff haven’t known each other for very long but we have already formed firm friendships. “About 60 people have been invited to this event.

I like to prepare the food myself, my specialities include canapés and pastries. I will be in the kitchen until everyone arrives and then it will be party time.

The people here enjoy a great social life and they love a party. I am looking forward to helping everyone have a great time. There will be music, dancing and most important of all, good company” Victoria says.

Black is back at Living Gems Pacific Paradise
Black is Back at Living Gems Pacific Paradise

Black is back at Living Gems Pacific ParadiseThe party people at Living Gems Pacific Paradise were in fine form at the recent Black is Back party. Sales manager Victoria Dent invited residents and guests to mix and mingle as they enjoyed some very tasty canapés and a few drinks.



Pacific Paradise residents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
Pacific Paradise Residents Celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Living Gems Pacific Paradise residents Inga and Charles Somers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary  with friends old and new on Saturday. They held their lunch party at Curlys on the Boardwalk in Mt Coolum but cut the cake at Pacific Paradise. Pacific Paradise residents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary

Sales manager said everyone had a great time. “It’s wonderful to meet people like Inga and Charles, everyone joined in the celebration and congratulated them on 50 happy years, it’s a major milestone and one to be very proud of,” Victoria says.