Right-sizing the Living Gems way: how to find the right home

Often referred to as downsizing, right-sizing is the process of finding a home that better suits your wants and needs. We prefer this term over downsizing, as it suggests you are giving up something, rather than trying something new.

There are plenty of moments throughout our lives where we will have recognised the need to right-size our home. We make space in the beginning for our children; we collect so many furnishings and items as they grow up, that by the time they leave the nest we’re left asking ourselves, what now?

Right-sizing offers you the opportunity to free up your time and to focus on the things that are most important to you. Be that an old hobby you’d like to start again, or something different altogether.


Living Gems homes offer luxurious, low maintenance homes perfect for right-sizing
Image: Living Gems homes offer luxurious, low maintenance homes perfect for right-sizing



There are so many benefits to picking up where you are and moving into a space that better caters to your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to try something new; move to that countryside suburb, or that breezy coastal town you’ve always loved.

Embrace the fear of missing out and use it as a motivational tool to push yourself to new heights; ask yourself what your heart desires.

It is important to take care to choose a home that you could see yourself in for a long time – moving is not anybody’s favourite task.

Right-sizing is a great opportunity to sort through the things you have collected throughout your life, keeping the things most important to you and getting rid of the rest.

Rather than a large, high-maintenance, suburban home with all the trimmings – opt for a home in a community with these facilities included. Living Gems Pacific Paradise offers residents all the facilities they could desire, without the hassle of maintenance. Relax in the spa, swim laps in the heated swimming pool, work out in the gym, start a new project in the hobby and craft room or put on your dancing shoes and join in the many social events.

Living Gems Example of Ethical Over 50s Resort Business Model

Living Gems has described the practices of retirement village operators exposed in the media as “unfortunate”, and says that in contrast, Living Gems is a shining example of an ethical over 50s resort business.

A recent Four Corners program highlighted the business practices of a retirement village operator, which charges large exit fees and allegedly strives for high resident turnover.

Living Gems General Manager says it is unfortunate that people who are in a sensitive time at their lives are put in the position as has been described in the media.

Patricia Simmons – Celebrating 20 years with Living Gems

Congratulations to Patricia Simmons who is celebrating 20 years working with Living Gems!

Patricia is our lovely Administrations Manager. When she started working at Living Gems, she was the only person in her department. Now the team consists of eight people!

Living Gems Minibuses
Living Gems Residents Travel in Style

Luxurious Mercedes Sprinter Transfer MWB Minibuses have now been delivered to Living Gems Residential Resorts at Pacific Paradise, Caboolture and Glenvale in Toowoomba. The 12-seater resort buses are ready to hit the road for day trips and shopping sprees. Resort managers say driver and passenger reports are excellent. Looking after our homeowners is one of the keys to Living Gems’ success, the new buses will take people out and about in comfort.