Living Gems

A new year, a new ‘fun-filled’ chapter

Great news! We have an (easy to keep) New Year’s resolution for you that promises the most wonderful lifestyle! Are you ready for it? It’s making the move to Living Gems. Truly the best way to start your new year (and new life), Living Gems Resorts offer everything you need to stay fit, healthy, connected and happy.


As a retiree, you know how important it is to continue being fit and active – not only for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health.

Helping you live life to the fullest, Living Gems offers an endless array of recreation that’s right on your doorstep. Whether you’re fiercely competitive or simply like to have a bit of fun while you exercise, you’ll find the perfect activity at Living Gems.

From scoring the ultimate strike in ten-pin bowling to enjoying a daily workout in the gym, it’s easy to stay fit and healthy at Living Gems. How about a hit of tennis or a splash in the sparkling pool? Perhaps you’re up for a friendly game of bocce, bowls, pickleball or snooker? Whether you’re a beginner or expert, everyone is welcome to join in.

With so much on offer, the beauty at Living Gems is that you get to choose the activities you love to play, when you want to play them.


Whether you’re an active participant in the arts or simply enjoy watching a wonderful performance, there is always entertainment to be had at Living Gems.

From theatre performances to singing groups and dance classes, new talents are discovered every day at Living Gems. There’s also a music room catering for a jam session with friends or a tinker on your favourite instrument.

Providing a happy boost of endorphins and a smile that lasts for days, the artistic programs and creative opportunities at Living Gems continue to give back joy and happiness to Residents.


Now that you have more time for you, how would you choose to spend it? Here are a few ideas we prepared earlier.

For the movie buffs, how about watching a latest release film in the Resort cinema with surround sound? If you love to craft, the dedicated art & craft studio offers the perfect space for your next creation.

There’s also a workshop for the tinkerers, a library for that quiet time we all need and a community garden where you can grow your favourite flowers, plants or produce.

Giving you the opportunity to do what you love most, it’s all about keeping your cup full to the brim at Living Gems.


Good friends are good for the soul. And at Living Gems, it’s all about friendship. Making it easy for you to socialise with your neighbours, you can catch up for a coffee and chat in the café, or head to the bar for a drink, yarn and laugh with mates.

Also catering for large gatherings with friends or family, why not cook up a storm in the commercial kitchen? And, of course, you can enjoy a casual dinner in the BBQ pavilion or soak up the evening tranquillity around the fire pit.

With these beautiful community spaces at your fingertips, socialising with your loved ones has never been easier!

 If you’re ready to begin your next chapter – filled with fun, socialising and relaxation – get in touch with the Living Gems Team today on 13 GEMS (13 43 67). We’d love to give you a personalised tour of your new life!

become a living gem today!