Amber by Living Gems

Third Time’s A Charm With Living Gems

Laura and David with their brand-new home at Amber by Living Gems

Having just moved into their brand new home in their third Living Gems Lifestyle Resort, Laura and David love the incredible, yet affordable lifestyle that Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts continue to offer to Residents.

Long-time residents are happier than ever

Laura and David were first welcomed into the Living Gems Community when they moved into their new home at Sapphire by Living Gems. They then went on to live at Living Gems Maleny and have now settled nicely into their amazing life at Amber by Living Gems, where they also have family nearby.

Living big, while spending less

Embracing their amazing resort lifestyle, Laura and David love the fact that it’s very affordable. Residents pay a weekly fee which covers their access to Resort facilities and many other big ticket items that Home Owners love and enjoy.

For some Home Owners, the costs of living in suburbia far exceed the costs of living in the Resort. Affordability, in addition to having access to fantastic facilities and senior management, are some of the main reasons why thousands of Home Owners choose Living Gems over any other Community.

“The weekly outlay is very affordable and if you’re on the pension you may also qualify to receive federal government rent assistance. This makes it very viable”, says Laura.

She adds, “If you are over 50 and living in a private home, you’d need to pay for your activities, such as going to the pool or playing lawn bowls. As a Living Gems Resident, you have access to all these wonderful facilities right on your doorstep, and everything is covered in the one outlay. Plus, your family and grandkids can come and join in the fun at any time!”

Friendly staff and management are always there for you

Each Living Gems Resort has a Home Owners Committee, who meet with management to represent individual Home Owners, suggest improvements and share their ideas. It really is unlike suburbia where many feel anonymous or overlooked.

Resort staff and senior management are available and make sure things get done. Treating Residents like family, they take the time to listen, talk things through and find the best solution.

“Our Resort Managers have always been fantastic – they call in to say hello, sit and chat with us and we’ve always felt comfortable airing any ideas or concerns. In fact, we followed our Resort Managers from Sapphire by Living Gems to Living Gems Maleny – they were that good!”, says Laura.

Laura and David at Sapphire by Living Gems in 2004

Much, much more than a property transaction

Having bought and sold a few houses across three Living Gems Resorts, Laura and David are now experts in the seniors housing market!

With each purchase and sale, they have been delighted with the process. They haven’t had to pay exit fees and were even able to store their belongings in their new Amber by Living Gems home during the cooling-off period – what a bonus!

What’s next for Laura and David?

After moving many times over recent years, Laura and David are very happy in their new home at Amber by Living Gems – with no plans to move again… just yet!

Being close to family, shops and healthcare facilities, they love living in a community of like-minded people, while knowing that the Resort managers are dedicated to promoting their long-term well-being.

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