Living Gems

Live the ultimate lifestyle without the hefty price tag

Committed to the long-term happiness of our Home Owners, Living Gems goes above and beyond to create an amazing, yet very affordable way of life for the young at heart.

A weekly outlay that allows you to live more and spend less

Here at Living Gems, we are focused on providing our Residents with an affordable lifestyle and ensuring that they never have to sacrifice the good things in life. Living Gems understands the concerns that seniors have about the increasing costs of living and we want to help you save money too!

A single weekly outlay provides you with access to a range of fantastic resort facilities (think cinema, ten-pin bowling alley, swimming pool, bowling green – the list goes on!) that you wouldn’t receive in mundane suburbia. Also included are a range of services that are provided by resort management, including landscaping and mowing, so you can spend more time enjoying and living life in the FUN lane!

With no hidden charges or deferred management fees, you’ll enjoy living in a community where your weekly financial outlays are regulated by State Government Law. We value your financial security and, when it comes to fees and charges, we ensure our processes are transparent and fair.

Our Residents have a say in how their community is run

To be truly independent, you should have a say in the way your community is run. We have established Home Owner Committees in each of our Resorts, giving individual Home Owners a voice to share their ideas and discuss ongoing improvements and opportunities.

Our Home Owner Committees are very active and always have Residents’ interests at heart. Conducting regular meetings, we fully support each committee and make sure that all agreed initiatives are acted upon. And the result? A very happy and content Community! Our model of community management is unique to Living Gems and is the basis of our success!

Community engagement is the key to happiness

Rather than just sell you a house then forget about you; our Living Gems team is invested in your long-term well-being. Yes, we’re in this for the long haul!

How are we here for you?

  • As a family-run organisation, our approach is very personal. Making sure your voice is heard, you can access every member of our team – from our Resort Managers through to the owners of the business.
  • We consult with Residents before making important decisions that will affect our Communities.
  • Resort Managers are always on hand, ready to listen to the day-to-day things that require immediate attention.

If you wish to sell your home, you have our support

As life circumstances change, the time may come when you wish or need to sell your home. Offering our full support, you can list your home for sale any time and at your leisure. We won’t slug with you deferred management fees and you do not need to redecorate or reinstate your home before selling.

You can engage a real estate agent to sell your home, carry out your own private sale or list through Living Gems – the choice is yours. And, best of all? If your home generates a capital gain when you sell, then that capital gain is YOURS TO KEEP!

We are dedicated to you living your best life

Looking beyond the sale of a home, Living Gems is committed to helping you achieve your dream lifestyle. If you’re looking for incredible value at an affordable price, with all the bells and whistles, then this is your stop! We look forward to welcoming you into the Living Gems family.

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