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The health benefits of dancing

These dance classes for seniors are an awesome way to keep fit, while having fun

Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise, whether you’re a toddler, teen or senior! Every time you dance, your body releases endorphins, triggering happy feelings and a positive outlook. Dancing also helps keep you fit, healthy and strong. It improves balance and coordination, while reducing stress. So, when it comes to dance classes for seniors, which ones are the best?

Let’s delve into some of the more popular genres.

Jazz Dancing

Jazz is a high energy dance, incorporating cardio, strength, technique and fun choreography. A wonderful activity to do with friends, you can also choose to go solo. While it’s lively and dynamic, there are many studios around south-east Queensland that offer beginner dance classes for seniors. 

If you’re lucky, you may even have dance classes offered at your resort! Psssst. If you know a dance teacher, why not invite them to teach a class or two? And always remember to complete every dance with jazz hands!

Salsa Dancing

Catchy, sensual and rhythmic, salsa dancing is easy to learn… but can be difficult to master. It is a combination of several Latin dances, including tango, mambo and flamenco. Salsa is a partner dance, but if you want to try it alone, your instructor can usually pair you up with another dancer.

To learn salsa, you don’t need to have danced before nor is there a required fitness level. That’s why it’s a good genre for seniors to try. As always, the more you practice, the faster you’ll improve. And the good news is, you can often practice on your own.

Dance Classes For Seniors


One of the most popular ballroom dances across the globe, the foxtrot is a smooth and progressive dance. Elegant and controlled, it is characterised by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor. There is a lot of footwork involved, often moving from long, slow steps to short, quick steps. 

While it’s a beautiful dance to learn, the foxtrot does require coordination and can take some to master. However, once you’ve got it, it is well worth all the practice.


Theatrical and graceful, ballet is an art form that tells a story. Wonderful for keeping in shape, increasing flexibility, improving posture and maintaining overall wellbeing, ballet is great for challenging both your mind and body. 

One of the first things you’ll learn in ballet are the five beginning positions, from which you’ll progress to more advanced techniques. Learning ballet requires a lot of practice, but the rewards are amazing.

Join a Queensland Ballet Class.

Line Dancing

Super-fun to learn, line dancing involves repeating choregraphed steps that are performed in lines or rows. There are a number of popular sequences, including the grapevine, the weave, the scoot, brush, and kick. 

Line dancing is easy to pick up and a fantastic activity to do with your friends. Most moves consist of walking steps, so rather than being high-intensity, it’s a light exercise. This is perfect for seniors who like to keep moving and enjoy dancing as part of a group.

Whether you’ve danced all your life or believe you have two left feet, there are so many different forms of dance that you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. It’s a great form of exercise, especially because you’re focusing, counting, learning and having fun – all while getting a good workout! So, why not try a new dance class today?