Living Gems

Amber by Living Gems are taking retirement fun to the next level

There’s never a dull moment at Amber by Living Gems. With the new clubhouse currently under construction, our wonderful residents are creating different ways to socialise and have a blast together. Check out their latest capers! 

The ultimate sausage sizzle

The social committee put on a regular sausage sizzle at Amber by Living Gems, which is a simple yet excellent way for everyone to catch up, meet new neighbours and have a feed. And it’s not just for residents.

“At our last sausage sizzle, we had lots of children and grandchildren join us – which was fantastic. We held lots of different games, which everyone got involved in and had a ball,” said local resident, Tina.

Yes, everywhere you looked at this recent gathering, there was a game to be played – from a bean bag toss and quoits to lawn disc bowls, dominos and Jenga. And then, there was the next-level crowd-pleaser, a game of crazy challenges… yes, they created their own Minute to Win It game. 

Minute to Win It is a huge hit

Upping the ante, this super fun game involved two teams – including adults and kids – with 6 to 8 people per team. Each team had a number of challenges to complete, which included:

  • Each person in the team putting a straw in their mouth and passing a lifesaver from one to the other, using only the straw. 
  • Using chopsticks, team members had to pick up smarties, one by one, and place them in a bowl.
  • Team members had to eat a plate of (delicious) morning tea piled with lots of different treats – the first person to finish was the winner. 
  • For the adults, there were several cups with a cheeky drop of vino in each. Participants had to place their hands behind their backs and drink each one, using only their mouth.
  • One person would wrap another in toilet paper to become a Mummy. First person to finish won the challenge.
  • Partnering up, one person was blindfolded and had to go through a suitcase of (massive) clothes and put them on the other person. This one was hilarious to watch!

What a cracking event, where everyone was welcome to get involved and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun!

Murder Mystery Party

Last month, Tina also organised a Murder Mystery night at Amber by Living Gems, where several residents gathered, dressed to the nines in Gatsby costumes, all ready to solve a murder. 

Next level retirement fun

How the game played out

Each person was given a character, and a different script (revealing clues about themselves) – which they relayed to the group. A character could be asked 3 questions only… and this information was used to work out the key whodunnit suspects.

Later in the evening the plot was revealed… and the characters were told how the person was killed. They then each got a token, one of which went to a person telling them they were the murderer. Soon after, everyone wrote down their suspect and the murderer was finally revealed.

“This game, which only cost $20 from Aldi, provided hours of fun. Everyone got into character and we all switched our detective brains on. It was a great way for us to get together and do something a little different,” said Tina.

With residents always thinking of new ways to have fun with neighbours and friends within the community, what will be next on the social agenda for Amber by Living Gems? We can’t wait to hear about it!