Amber by Living Gems

It was love at first sight when this retired couple first visited Amber by Living Gems

Larry and Irene Clifford weren’t actively looking to make the move to a lifestyle resort. But when they happened upon Amber by Living Gems, they were sold instantly. 

Amber by Living Gems

From cruisy island life to relaxed community living

Before moving into Amber by Living Gems, the Cliffords had a lovely house on MacLeay Island. They had decided to sell their home during the peak real estate frenzy. It sold very quickly, but they then needed to find a new place – fast! Not an easy task when houses were getting snapped up before they even went to market!

It was then that their daughter came across Amber by Living Gems and she encouraged Larry and Irene to go and have a chat to the team.

“As soon we saw the display home we fell in love. Irene was very excited and keen to make the move before we’d even toured any of the homes in the resort,” says Larry.

He adds, “Looking at the resort from the outside, it’s very impressive. You can tell it’s very high quality. We were pretty impressed. And the clubhouse will be the icing on the cake.”

The Cliffords chose a Snowy design and signed the contract on that very same day.

The more the merrier

When Larry and Irene told their MacLeay Island neighbours that they were moving to Amber by Living Gems, they were keen to take a tour as well.

And boom! Before they knew it, their neighbours had moved into a Living Gems home, just up the street from the Cliffords.

But wait… there’s more! Irene’s sister also lives in the same street. How wonderful!

Less work, more play

Having moved from a large quarter acre block, Larry and Irene are loving the semi-rural feel of Logan Village. They’ve downsized their property and no longer need to worry about looking after large gardens. Instead, they’ve bought some raised garden beds where they grow a range of produce such as tomatoes and parsley. So much easier!

They’ve also freed up their time to pursue their hobbies and socialise! 

“I’ve taken up the guitar and Irene makes candles and soaps. We also spend a lot of time entertaining,” said Larry.

Living closer to family

Between them, Larry and Irene have six kids and eighteen grandchildren. Phew! They love spending time with the kids, which they can do more of as they now live only a short 35 minute drive away. 

“It’s a nice drive, with hardly any traffic lights. It’s easier now to visit and babysit for our kids – which we do a lot,” says Larry.

Larry has recently set up a community Facebook page for Amber residents. Here, you’ll find handy tips, local suppliers and lots of other relevant info. It’s a great initiative and another great way to connect!