Living Gems Toowoomba
Living Gems

Living Gems: Where every day feels like a holiday 

From the moment Lex and Jenny Van Der Stoep popped into Living Gems for a look around, they couldn’t steer away from this amazing lifestyle on offer. 

Living Gems Toowoomba

Leaving the busy suburb of Bracken Ridge for a more relaxed, tranquil lifestyle, Lex and Jenny have found their dream home at Living Gems. They had always planned to get out of Brisbane, and when they heard about Living Gems, they knew they had to go and have look. They were not disappointed. 

“We came for a look and paid a deposit straight away. It has such a good vibe about it, it just blew us away. Every now and then, we still think this is our holiday home,” says Lex. 

A better climate and a better lifestyle 

The Van Der Stoep’s love that the weather is pleasantly cooler in Toowoomba and that the humidity is much lower than it is in Brisbane. 

The couple have a property west of Toowoomba where they like to spend time in the winter months. Moving to Living Gems has now cut their travel time from three hours down to one hour. It’s a win-win! 

Coming from a property that needed constant maintenance and a suburb where they were always battling traffic to get anywhere, Lex and Jenny have fully embraced their new carefree lifestyle. 

“We’re living in a nice new house with no maintenance. It’s a new environment, with everything we need right at our doorstep. We love the pool, going to the dinners and the fact that everyone here is so friendly,” says Lex. 

Heading off in the caravan is now a breeze 

Lex and Jenny love to getaway in the van to explore this beautiful country of ours. They do a lot of free camping, and one of their favourite spots is Mitchell where they can relax in the hot pools for a week or so over winter. 

“Having the van here at Living Gems is a lot better. It’s stored safely and when we head off, we don’t have the hassle of getting out of the city,” says Lex. 

Living Gems Toowoomba