Over 50s senior playing a maroon guitar
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10 new skills you can learn as a senior 

If you’re a senior who doesn’t do boring, then this list is for you! Whether you’re creative, sporty or a deep thinker, there’s a new skill for every senior to learn. 

10 New Skills You Can Learn As A Senior

Drawing and painting 

Helping to improve your fine motor skills, learning to draw or paint is great for sharpening your cognitive function and dexterity in your hands, fingers and wrist. It’s a slow, easy and low-impact activity that can be meditative, social and give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. 


Photography is a creative activity that offers a range of benefits to seniors. Not only does it improve cognitive function, but it can help you unwind, lower stress and is a great form of exercise. Plus there are always things to learn – new techniques, challenges and styles. 

Musical Instrument

Research suggests that playing a musical instrument is one of the best ways to stay agile – both mentally and physically. Learning an instrument can increase your mental processing, helping you complete tasks quicker. It also strengthens the connection between your brain and hand muscles and is great for uplifting your mood. 


Woodworking provides a creative outlet and is wonderful for your mental function. Very similar to working out a large puzzle, it takes thought, preparation and skill. It also offers very good exercise, which isn’t too strenuous. Plus, you get to make really cool things. 


Keeping your mind and body active, golf also gives you a sense of purpose. Although frustrating at times, you are always learning, and you feel a real accomplishment each time you improve your game. Golf is also very social and a good way to meet new friends with similar interests. 


Dancing is fun! It lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy. It also helps you stay fit and healthy, increases your energy levels, can improve bone health and enhances your flexibility, balance and agility. Always better with friends, there are numerous dances for you to learn. 

Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls is a precision sport, which is great for your fitness without being too demanding on your body. It’s a social activity and helps to increase confidence, enhance your mental wellbeing, improve coordination and skill, and connect you with your community. 


Mahjong is great for improving short-term memory, focus and logical thinking. It helps you develop pattern-recognition skills and can be very therapeutic. Helping to keep dementia at bay, playing mahjong can decrease the onset of depression and keeps you involved with other like-minded people. 


Giving you a deep sense of self-awareness, meditation can improve your overall quality of life. Taking 10 – 15 minutes each day for yourself, mediation can help reduce stress, symptoms of chronic pain and improve your mental health. It is meaningful and mindful and can truly elevate your mood. 


Learning a language as a senior helps improve your brain health, encourages new experiences, boosts your self-esteem and can grow your social circle. It gives you both a sense of purpose and achievement. Plus, it’s great for when you’re travelling! 

Over 50s senior playing a maroon guitar