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Why it’s important for seniors to be socially active

Did you know that staying socially active as you age has a profoundly positive impact on your health and happiness? Yes, getting out and about and connecting with others not only keeps loneliness at bay, but also enriches your life, in more ways than one. 

That’s why, at Living Gems, we go above and beyond to create wonderful close-knit Communities. Our Lifestyle Resorts provide Residents with exclusive access to gold-standard recreational facilities. And the social activities on your doorstep are endless! 


As you get older, keeping up an active social life can easily fall to the bottom of your priority list. And, although there may be some obstacles to being socially active, it’s essential for your health and well-being.

Being social not only brings you happiness, but it gives you a sense of purpose. Engaging with friends and family helps you feel secure, supported and also protects your mental health, reducing the risk of anxiety and depression.


Loneliness doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with getting older. There are many ways you can connect and engage with others in your local neighbourhood. This is especially the case at Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts. Because we put the YOU in CommYOUnity.

How so, you might ask? All our Resorts are focused on providing a wonderful, carefree lifestyle for our Over 50s Residents. Here, we’re about freedom, fun and ‘doing life your way’. Whether you like to stay fit, enjoy catching up with friends for dinner and drinks, love catching the latest movie or want to get your art and craft on, it’s all here at your fingertips, ready to enjoy with your new best friends!


From the moment you arrive at Living Gems, you are welcomed with open arms by your Neighbours and the Living Gems team. There’s always someone to natter to, share a laugh with and make sure you’re doing okay.

Unlike lonely suburbia, where you can often feel isolated and not even know your neighbours, Living Gems is a genuine Community of like-minded people who truly care for you. There’s always an event on, workshops and classes to keep you engaged, fun games to play, and often a friendly (sometimes slightly competitive) game of tennis, bowls or snooker.Plus you can bring your beloved pet to share your new life with you at Living Gems. It really is the ultimate retirement lifestyle, where you are a much-loved member of the Community.

Are you ready to embrace your new socially active life, where happiness is your everyday? To learn more about becoming a Living Gem, get in touch with our team on 13 GEMS.

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