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What to plant in Autumn

Now that we’re heading into the cooler weather, it’s prime time for sowing your garden in South East Queensland. But, what to plant in Autumn? Whether you have a garden out the back, a few pots on the patio or are part of a community garden initiative, here’s our go-to guide for growing aromatic herbs, delicious veggies and beautifully fragrant flowers.


Our fave herbs to plant in autumn include garlic, mint, thyme, basil and dill. Great for both indoor and outdoor pots, these herbs smell wonderful and add amazing flavour to any dish. To optimise their growth, plant your herbs in well-manured soil with good drainage. You also want to make sure they only receive partial sun.


The cooler months in Brisbane provide the perfect climate for growing vegetables. So what to plant in Autumn? Our favourites include tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, beetroot and radish. And of course, there’s the green-team of cucumbers, zucchinis, cabbage, broccoli, silverbeet and lettuce. Make sure to prep your soil well in advance, adding organic matter to provide the nutrients and to help with water retention.


What better way to bring colour into your life than with a bright array of flowers in your garden! Our pick of the bunch for Autumn blooms has to be pansies, violas, carnations and sweet pea. And don’t forget the majestic marigold that’s great for attracting bees and butterflies. Be sure to add manure to your soil and turn it over before planting to ensure the most brilliant blossoms. 


It depends! Seedlings are easier and faster to grow. But if you want to sow a large number of plants, seeds will be much cheaper. You can also often get a greater variety of herbs, veg and flowers in seed form. They just take a little longer to grow.

Now, over you to you… how will your garden grow this season? We’d love to hear about what you’re planting in Autumn (with photos too)! Simply send them via email to