Living Gems

Thinking about downsizing? The benefits of living at Living Gems

Are we more aware of the benefits of sharing resources, or that we like company as we get older, or perhaps both? Whatever the reasons, more than 200,000 Australians over the age of 65 live in lifestyle or retirement villages and this number is consistently growing.

There are many benefits to living in a lifestyle community that hundreds of Living Gems Home Owners would attest to. Yes, we’re all getting older, in fact we are living at least 12 years more than we did in 1980. So that’s another 12 years to stay fit, healthy and find renewed purpose in life.

Lifestyle Resorts are more designed to keep you active, healthy and socially engaged. It has been scientifically proven (even though we knew anyway) that people with active social lives, who feel supported by a community and do regular exercise, will live happier and longer lives, with less risk of heart disease, depression as well as dementia.

On an interesting side note, and if you’d like to read more about the benefits of social interaction on mental and emotional wellbeing, the community of Sardinia, a little island off Italy, is one of the oldest communities in the world, with a large number of centenarians. Research shows that their enthusiasm for social connection is the main reason.

The benefits of living in an over 50s Lifestyle Resort that Home Owners appreciate most

They have a community around them

Living in a Lifestyle Resort means you become part of the community and there are more opportunities for social interaction. The people who choose to live in a Lifestyle Resort understand the value of this. They are interested in meeting new people as well.

Loneliness can step in at any stage of life, and it is an issue for many older Australians who have lost their spouse or are far away from family members.

At Living Gems, there are Country Clubs and sporting facilities to get involved in, as well as art and craft classes. There is always someone to have a cup of tea, a drink or a meal with. You meet other like-minded people at a similar stage of life and the opportunity to make new friends is always there.

They enjoy a high standard of living at an affordable cost

Senior Lifestyle Resorts such as Living Gems offer a high standard of living at an affordable price. The homes come equipped with all the modern conveniences needed. Shared facilities mean many more options like lawn bowls, a gym, a pool and a tennis court right at your doorstep.

Many people will sell the family home to downsize because they want to release built up equity and enjoy their lifestyle. At Living Gems, we refer to it as ‘right-sizing your home and upsizing your life’, giving you financial peace of mind. You really get to enjoy the fruits of your many years of labour!

They have convenience and flexibility

If you like to travel and go on vacation, then you no longer need to think about getting a house sitter. You can lock up and go knowing that your home will be safe and secure while you are away. There are people around you to look after the gardens and keep general watch of the community.

With many facilities such as a Country Club, tennis court, bowling green and art and craft studio, Lifestyle Resorts have many services available at your fingertips. You have everything you need right at your doorstep!

They feel a sense of safety and security

Our Home Owners feel a sense of safety and security in our Lifestyle Resort. They know there are people of similar ages in their vicinity and they can safely get about in their neighbourhood, at any time of the day or night.