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Living Gems Travel Tips for Older Travellers

If you are in your 60’s and beyond and have always loved to travel, there are more reasons now to travel than ever. You have the time, the kids are off your hands looking after themselves and you have more money available to you now than you did before.

More importantly, you have plenty of interesting years ahead of you. It’s never too late to start travelling and explore new destinations!

Travelling is good for you. It enhances creativity, reduces anxiety and stress, boosts feelings of happiness and reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack!

With the vast amount of information available online, you can read up about the places you are travelling to and prepare yourself for the adventure so there are minimal surprises. This will make for a much more comfortable experience.

Older travellers have different needs, the adventure is still important but the experience even more. We have compiled some travel tips for Living Gems Home Owners who like to get out and about and continue to explore and discover this wonderful world safely and comfortably.

Things to consider for older travellers

Do your research before you leave. There are many websites dedicated to older travellers with people sharing their experiences, so that you have the benefit of someone’s else’s tips before you travel. Once upon a time, we relied on a travel agent who may or may not have been to this location, but now you can find out all you need online to better prepare for your trip.

Living Gems’ travel tips

Travel slower

Travelling changes as we get older, especially after the age of 50. For most older travellers, a good night’s sleep is important, so is a shower and a clean room. Whether you choose a hotel, hostel or Airbnb is up to you and your travel preferences. Slowing down to make the most of your travels is also important, you may not need to visit all the museums in a day, but one might suffice. One of the benefits of getting older is that you know what you want.

Your travel experience becomes about quality not quantity and appreciating the atmosphere and culture of the place you are travelling to. Plan your itinerary accordingly and don’t do too much in one day for fear of missing out.

Eat light

For many people, as they get older their tummies get a little more sensitive. Eating out and exploring local cuisines is one of the pleasures of travelling, so you don’t want to restrict yourself too much. However, eating wisely is highly recommended as you want to make sure you are spending more time exploring than on the dunny in your hotel room! Eating light means you are not overloading your digestive system so that it has a better opportunity to adapt to the local environment and process the food easier.

Keep your bling to a minimum

When you are an older traveller, you are also the target of theft as older travellers generally have more money, jewellery, equipment, cameras etc. Keep expensive items stored safely back at home and take just the basics with you.

Multiple ways to access cash

Organise a variety of ways to access your money, with credit and debit cards, cash and travel money cards. If you are travelling with a partner then distribute your cash and cards between you so that if one of you lose them, the other can still access money. There are several options now to access money cost effectively from overseas, so pop into your bank before you leave and arrange your travel options.

See your doctor before you travel

Do a full check up with your GP before you leave. Make sure that if you are taking medications, that these are up to date and legal in the countries you intend to travel. Legislation for medication differs around the world so check this before you go. Make sure you have enough medication and a little bit more in case there are any delays.

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