Safeguarding the environment
Amber by Living Gems

Safeguarding the environment

Sustainability key to a healthy future for all

Safeguarding the environment

Sustainability is the ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time, and that is exactly what Amber by Living Gems homeowner Sharon Martin strives to achieve every day within her own environment.

The mother of six children and grandmother of six, who is originally from Wollongong, south of Sydney, believes caring for the environment and adopting daily sustainable practices, is the greatest gift anyone can give to future generations.

“We need sustainability for our health and the good of the environment, and taking action now is going to be so important for our children, their children, and families in the future,” she said.

Sharon, 58, said practicing environmental sustainability helps to preserve our natural resources and uphold the ecological balance, all while safeguarding the welfare of both present and future generations.

“Communities like ours that incorporate sustainable practices can benefit from cleaner water and air, and reduced exposure to toxins, which can ultimately lead to fewer health issues and an overall better quality of life,” said Sharon.

She said there were many ways people could help the environment.

“Using energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy sources are a couple of things I do. Plus, people could also choose cleaner modes of transport like cycling where possible, all of which will reduce their carbon footprint.”

Other options include using products that are made of biodegradable or recycled materials and limiting waste by practicing the principles of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, as well as being mindful of water and energy consumption.

Sharon makes a habit of turning off power points and switches in the meter box when not needed and admits to being frugal with her use of electricity, including switching the lights off when she goes out.

“Creating habitats like gardens can also support biodiversity,” said Sharon, who likes to grow her own herbs, fruit and vegetables. She is also keen to see the establishment of a community garden in the near future.

Sharon supports the residents’ bottle recycling service at Amber by Living Gems.

In addition, she is keen to keep stingless native bees which are known to be essential for our ecosystems and great for the environment.

“When I was young, my dad and uncle were both beekeepers. Bees are great for many reasons. They aid in the pollination of plants and crops and are champions of cross-pollination. Keeping bees also helps other fauna and flora to flourish by providing nectar and pollen, which in turn helps them to reproduce and build healthy populations.”

Safeguarding the environment