Building beautiful memories
Living Gems Caboolture

Building beautiful memories

Caboolture residents reflect on seasons of change

Building beautiful memories

Over 46 years of marriage Chris and Judy Reilly have only shifted home three times and they say the move to Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront has been the best.

“We’ve lived in Brisbane’s western suburbs, then moved to Scarborough, and seven-and-a-half years ago, to here at Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront,” said Judy.

“We just love it here and our daughter agrees that it’s been the best move we’ve made.”

The Reillys were among the first people to move into Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront.

“We were still looking for the right over-50s lifestyle community when we put our home on the market,” said Chris. “That sold very quickly – within a couple of days – so we needed somewhere we could move into straight away.”

That led them to Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront which was under construction. At the time, only the entry boulevard and a display home had been completed.

“It was mostly muddy paddocks back then! We had to get hard hats from the dongas where the site workers were,” said Chris. “But we were so impressed with the home. It had everything we needed, so we bought it immediately.”

Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront Sales Manager Glenys Lowry recalls those days well. “Our first sales office was at Morayfield Shopping Centre,” she said. “Then we moved into a donga while the resort was being built.”

She said early homeowners would help her set up for sales events, including driving visitors around in the resort bus.

It wasn’t too long before a community started to grow with new residents quickly made to feel welcome.

“Before we had the Country Club, we had parties in the street where everyone would bring a table and a few chairs,” said Judy. “In fact, our street still gets together once a month. Last month was an Italian night where everyone brought an Italian-inspired dish.”

The Reillys are keen travellers, so having a secure home for their caravan was another factor that influenced their decision to move to Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront.

“Our van was on the street where we lived at Scarborough, which wasn’t terribly secure, but we don’t have to worry about that here,” said Judy.

The couple started a caravan club with fellow homeowners travelling in convoy to some beautiful destinations around the country. Their most recent adventure took place in May – a week-long trip north to Rainbow Beach with its golden sandy beaches, striking coloured sands and refreshing rain forests.

“Our group was one of the first established at the resort and it’s still going strong,” said Chris.

But it is at the resort itself where the most fun is had.

Building beautiful memories