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Paw-some health benefits of owning a dog

Bringing delight and joy to our everyday lives, the health benefits of owning a dog are boundless (or should we say, houndless)! Yes, our fur-babies show us unconditional love and loyalty. They understand when we need a cuddle. They motivate us to get out and take them for a walk and they are always there for us – especially when there’s a treat involved.

And all of this… is great for our mental well-being, physical health and social engagement.


Did you know that owning a dog can help to reduce loneliness, anxiety, stress and depression? Providing you with a sense of purpose, your four-legged friend not only keeps you company but they add structure to your day.

Having a consistent routine in place Knowing that you to feed and exercise your dog helps keep you motivated, balanced and calm. It’s also great for your self-esteem.


Another one of the many health benefits of owning a dog is they provide you with the ulti-mutt companionship. Affectionate, accepting and consistent, dogs helps reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. In fact, research shows that playing with a dog can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which help to calm and relax.

Always there to chat to, there’s also nothing better than being greeted with an excited tail wag and knowing that you’re their number one.


What better way to stay fit than by taking your beloved pooch for a daily walk! While it’s easy to make up excuses to avoid the gym, knowing your dog needs exercise each day is the best motivation for you to get out and about.

And, with studies showing that dog owners are much more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements (hello daily walk), it’s definitely a win-win.


Taking your dog on outings – whether it be a walk, run in the park or out for coffee – creates great opportunities for you to socialise with others.  Because dog owners often stop and chat with each other, it’s an excellent way to break the ice and meet new people.

This is especially the case at Living Gems, where home owners can take their pooches for a play in our enclosed dog runs – a great place to also meet new neighbours and catch up with old friends.


Thinking about getting a dog? Why not visit your local animal shelter and adopt a pooch from there? Not only will you be giving a dog a second chance, but the shelter will also be able to match your new fur-baby to your needs.