Living Gems

Downsizing the home to upsize your lifestyle

Meet Amber by Living Gems Residents, Gary and Yvonne. This wonderful couple completely transformed their lifestyle (for the better!) by moving from their acreage property into the Living Gems Community.

Goodbye endless maintenance, hello infinite time!

It was a big decision for Gary and Yvonne Andrews to sell their family home on three and a half acres and move into Amber by Living Gems. But it was definitely the best decision! The Andrews’ have gone from mowing lawns for days, painting fences for hours and maintaining a pool constantly… to getting back time and freedom to do the things they love (like socialising and bowls)!

“We thought we might have trouble adjusting from acreage life, but we’ve settled in really well. We love it here, I’m no longer a slave to my yard. It’s given us back more time”, says Gary. 

The appeal of the Living Gems lifestyle

With more time to follow their passions, Gary now bowls five times a week, playing tournaments around South East Queensland. Yvonne hasn’t yet retired, and manages a formal wear store, which she loves. In her downtime, she no longer has to worry about maintaining their property – instead she can call into the neighbours for a cuppa and catchup!

The freedom to travel without worrying about your home

The Andrews’ love living in the gated Community, which gives them an extra sense of security whenever they go away. They also appreciate that the lawns won’t be out of control when they get back, they don’t have to worry about the pool and there’s always a neighbour as well as the Resort Managers to keep an eye on their place.

A new role as Social Club President

Referring to himself as the interim President of the Social Club, Gary has been involved with many committees over the years. And, although he wasn’t planning on doing it again, it was one of the first things he put his hand up for!

“I wanted to help get a system in place and get activities happening. While the clubhouse is being built, it’s important that we organise events to give Residents the opportunity to get together. Or, if they don’t wish to, that’s perfectly fine too ”, says Gary.

Gary has helped organise a range of activities, including a car rally, a weekly game of pool at the local, along with bowls and pickleball competitions. Recently the Andrews hosted an informal Happy Hour at their house, where everyone came for morning tea… and stayed until 5.30pm! Now, that’s a good fun day.

More social plans in the pipeline

As a trained ballroom dancer, Yvonne is very much looking forward to the Clubhouse being completed as she’d like to start teaching a ballroom dancing class.

Gary is really looking forward to the lawn bowls green as he’ll be able to quickly duck up there for a daily practice as well as enjoy a friendly (maybe slightly competitive) game with neighbours! 

If you’d like to find out what’s coming up at your Resort, or would like to volunteer your services, please get in touch with your Resort Manager – they’d be very happy to introduce you to your local Social Club.