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20 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Retirement Village

The kids have finally flown the coop and you have more time to do the things you want to do – and that probably doesn’t include endless household maintenance and yard work.

The idea of moving somewhere more manageable has a great deal of appeal, especially if you’re looking to do a bit more travel or want more time for leisure activities.

The choice you make affects so many areas of your life – financially and socially – so it is important to do your research before you know how to choose a retirement village.


20 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Retirement Village 

No doubt you have lots of questions to ask – and that’s great! The more questions you ask, the better you will understand the quite complex retirement village industry.

In fact, we recommend starting with 20 questions to ask before choosing a retirement living option.


Location, location, location

Location, location, location! The old real estate mantra applies to choosing a retirement location as well.

Here are a few questions to consider:

1. Would you like a seachange or a treechange?

2. Or would you prefer to live closer to friends and family?

And there is even more to consider if you plan to use your car less:

3. Do you want your new home close to local shops and services?

4. Do you want to be closer to public transport links?

Living Gems offers an over-50s lifestyle in great locations

What Locations Do Living Gems Offer?

Living Gems has ten resorts around South East Queensland with more coming soon.

Our resorts are in popular seachange and treechange destinations, including:

These locations have been especially chosen in charming communities with easy access to local amenities and great transport links to major cities.

Whether you’re looking for easy M1 access for trips to Brisbane, or prefer a relaxed semi-rural, country lifestyle, we have resorts in excellent locations.

A Home For Four-Legged and Feathered Friends 

Pets are such an important part of our world. They bring comfort and companionship so it’s quite natural that their needs should factor into your retirement plans too.

Some questions to ask as part of your over-50s lifestyle search include:

5. Are my pets welcome?

6. Are there any facilities for pets such as dog runs?

7. Are there any restrictions on the size and breeds of dogs I can bring?

What Locations Do Living Gems Offer?

At Living Gems, pets are as welcome as you are.

We understand the importance of fur-babies and feathered friends. Our homes are designed with plenty of room for your pets and come complete with fenced yards to keep them safe.

Our resorts have extensive leashed walking areas as well as secure off-leash areas for dogs to freely run, play and socialise.


Understanding what fees you may be up for should factor strongly in your decision. You’d  be surprised at the hidden costs found in retirement villages.

But in summary, here are some questions to ask before signing a retirement village contract:

8. Do I own my own home?

9. Are there entry fees?

10. How much are the entry fees?

11. Do I have to pay stamp duty?

12. Are there exist fees or deferred management fees?

13. How much are they?

14. Are there other ongoing fees?

15. Am I eligible for rental assistance?

16. Do I share any capital gains if I sell?

17. Are there refurbishment fees if I sell?

What Can Living Gems Offer?

Living Gems makes over-50s living easy. Our resorts operate on the land lease community model.

This means you own – not rent – your own home and simply lease the land it is on. Your right to occupy the site is guaranteed by state government legislation.

Because you are leasing the land, you don’t pay stamp duty on your new home, and you may be eligible for federal government rental assistance to reduce the cost of the modest weekly site fee.

This fee covers the operation of the resort, on-site management as well as the maintenance of the top-notch facilities including an exclusive country club and other resort facilities.

There are no exit or deferred management fees, and you keep 100 percent of the capital gains should you decide to sell.


Family Matters 

Some retirement villages have strict rules about who can visit you, when they can visit and whether they can stay overnight.

This can put a severe strain on how you choose to entertain and host family events. Once you’ve selected a range of retirement villages and resorts to investigate be sure to ask the following questions:

18. Are family and friends welcome to visit?

19. Can my grandchildren stay overnight as my guests?

20. How many guests can I invite?

What Can Living Gems Offer?

At Living Gems, your family are welcome to visit you and stay overnight as guests. Our spacious homes and generous alfresco areas are perfect for hosting the family for special occasions. In addition, our two- or three-bedroom homes give you room to have the grandkids over for a night or two.


Book a Tour at Living Gems 

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If you’re ready to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve, then give us a call today.

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