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How birdwatching creates mindfulness and improves wellbeing

Are you searching for a new hobby that involves focus, keeps you learning and gives you a real sense of achievement? Why not try birdwatching! A great way to take a step back and re-connect with nature, birdwatching helps you be present and brings you a wonderful sense of calm and quiet.

Getting back to nature

In today’s busy society, it’s often hard to find time to spend outdoors. Soaking in the sunshine, sitting quietly under the shade of a tree or simply strolling through beautiful bushland – it’s something we need to do more. And it’s these moments we spend in nature that are truly grounding, helping us to de-stress, feel good and embrace this beautiful world we live in.

A full sensory experience

Birdwatching is about much more than sitting quietly and observing in nature. It requires you to pay attention to what’s happening around you. You need to have sharp vision and be attuned to every sound. You also need to be patient. That is, until you spot your bird and all your senses are instantly activated. And the sense of accomplishment you feel when you study the nuances of a particular bird and are able to identify it – is amazing!

How to start your birdwatching hobby

Whether it’s something you’d like to do alone, with a friend or as part of a group, there are a few simple steps involved in becoming a birdwatcher. 

Step 1. Get yourself a good set of binoculars (don’t skimp on these – they can make or break your experience.)

Step 2. Buy a bird field guide. This will enable you to identify each bird you observe.

Step 3. Choose a location. You can sit quietly in your backyard, in one of the parks located in your Resort, or you can head out to nearby bushland. Aim for a place where birds are active, where there are plenty of trees, water and feeding sites. 

Step 4. Get your timing right. Birds are generally most active in the morning, so this is when you want to head out to watch them. 

Step 5. Once you spot a bird, take some time to observe how it behaves. Watch its mannerisms and listen for the sounds it makes. Does it have any distinguishing features? Take note of the colouring, any unique markings, its features and flight pattern. Then write these down.

Step 6. Now, the big question – can you match the bird to a species in your bird field guide? Hopefully yes! 

How Birdwatching Creates Mindfulness And Improves Wellbeing

The great news is you can begin today

We’re very lucky here in South East Queensland to have easy access to bushland, which is often only a hop skip and jump away. Even better, you can find a lovely greenspace right on your doorstep in your Resort, where you can sit quietly and observe the local birdlife.

So, why not started birdwatching today? It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and be present in the moment.

If you’d like more details on birdwatching or are interested in joining a club, you can find more information by visiting Birdwatching Australia, Birds Queensland and Birdlife Australia.