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Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times at Living Gems


Gail with Managers, Mark and Michelle at Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across Australia, Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront Resident, Gayle Harris, knew she had to think outside the box to keep her community connected.

Prompting unprecedented lockdowns throughout Queensland, COVID-19 changed life as we know it. With the introduction of government restrictions, the vibrant, thriving community at Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront needed to quickly re-define and re-shape their social and active lifestyles.

Overcoming the uncertainty of COVID-19

As restrictions were put in place throughout Queensland, many Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront Residents felt a level of uncertainty, as did most Australians. The lockdown rules meant that they needed to stay within their homes and weren’t allowed visitors, which included family and grandchildren.

Putting the health and well-being of residents first and foremost, the Living Gems management team responded quickly to the pandemic. Communicating regularly with home owners, they ensured they were always up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

“The Living Gems team went above and beyond to reassure us and help us feel safe and secure. They instantly relayed any new COVID-19 information to each of us via email, which was very helpful. And, I also wanted to assist as much as I could, so I started thinking outside the square,” says Gayle.

New ideas, long-term happiness

Working closely with Managers, Mark and Michelle Perry, Gayle was instrumental in providing new and creative ways for the Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront community to engage and connect throughout the COVID-19 restrictions.

Fast forward to today, and while social distancing and hand sanitising are still a necessity, it’s wonderful to see many of Gayle’s initiatives still in play at Living Gems, alongside the return to socialising, dancing and partying together in real life.

A new way to connect

Seeing the uncertainty amongst Residents, Gayle set about bringing back some form of normality to the lives of her neighbours. Introducing a range of initiatives, Gayle organised the home-delivery of groceries, takeaway meals, strawberries, freshly baked bread, fish and ice-creams – all from local businesses.

She even arranged for a mobile car-wash company to clean resident’s cars – with zero contact, yet an abundance of ‘feel-good’ community connection.

How Living Gems responded to COVID-19