Bringing a community together
Amber by Living Gems

Bringing a community together

Plans aplenty as residents eagerly await opening

Bringing a community together

The opening of the $10.5 million Amber by Living Gems Country Club is set to be the highlight of 2024 for the over-50s lifestyle resort’s homeowners, who are already planning their ‘must do’ activities’ lists ahead of the official opening.

Expected to be completed within the next couple of months, the stunning, contemporary two-storey building already has residents watching its progress daily, although with work now being carried out on the interiors, the extent of the progress is taking place behind closed doors.

“It is going to be a real surprise when we get to see it all on opening day. It’s already looking amazing! The Country Club has been of major appeal to us since we first moved in. We knew it was being built and what we could expect but there is nothing like the real thing. Tania and I want to try everything once it is open, and we can’t wait,” said homeowner Don Mansfield.

Don’s wife Tania agreed saying: “I’m already playing mahjong and doing exercise classes twice a week and I’ll be doing plenty more once the Country Club is open. It is not only us but also our grandchildren who are very excited at what this beautiful new venue will offer.”

Thrive invited homeowners to share what they are looking forward to most and just how important the new Country Club will be to the Amber by Living Gems community.

Robert and Jennifer Stunt

Robert and Jennifer Stunt believe the new venue will bring the resort’s community closer together.

“Everyone will be able to socialise more in a spacious, beautifully designed building and in doing so, it will be easier for residents to get to know each other better,” said Robert, who has already volunteered to help in the bar.

He and Jennifer also love the vast variety of new facilities that will be available.

“There is something for everyone ranging from an indoor pool, spa, gym, games room with pool table, ten-pin bowling, lawn bowls as well as all the different interest groups such as mahjong, fitness, craft and more. The Country Club was one of the reasons we moved here, and we can’t wait to see the finished product.”

Larry and Irene Clifford

Larry and Irene Clifford are keen to use the new Country Club to get into a regular routine of swimming and exercising and meeting other residents with similar interests such as pickleball, ten-pin bowling and lawn bowls.

“Irene and I have also taken up the ukulele and would love to start up a group that can rehearse in the Country Club, which is going to be a venue for a wide range of special interests, events and occasions.

We have also volunteered to work in the bar which we believe will be a great place to meet and make new friends,” said Larry.

Steve and Sandy Trevor

Steve and Sandy Trevor see the new Country Club becoming an important social hub of the resort.

“It is the place where we can all meet up, share interests, get fit and socialise together in a really nice environment. Not only that but our own families and grandchildren can also join us from time to time,” said Steve.

“Although we haven’t seen inside as yet, the Country Club is looking very grand, and the entrance is going to be marvellous. It’s shaping up to be everything we anticipated and probably a bit more. We are so looking forward to having all those amazing facilities virtually at our doorstep especially the golf simulator, lawn bowls and swimming pool. There’s no way we will miss the opening. Sandy and I can’t wait to experience it firsthand.”

Stuart and Julia Woods

Stuart and Julia Woods believe the new Country Club will bring all the facilities and social spaces anyone could ever want to the doorstep of all residents within the Amber by Living Gems community.

“With so many fabulous facilities on our doorstep, we won’t have to go far for anything. We can walk there! We can see ourselves being regulars at the gym and swimming pool and it will be a great spot to meet up with others for a drink and a little socialising which we love to do,” said Stuart.

Bringing a community together