Living ‘gens’ - Two generations call Amber home
Amber by Living Gems

Living ‘gens’

Two generations call Amber home

Living ‘gens’ - Two generations call Amber home

It’s a family affair at Amber by Living Gems with two generations living in the same resort.

Robyn Miners and her husband Kevin Adams recently purchased a home at Amber to downsize and be near Robyn’s parents who purchased at the resort in 2022.

“I’ve been in Queensland for 30 years, with Mum and Dad still living at Cooma in the Snowy Mountains,” Robyn said.

“I never thought they’d move up here but when they put their house on the market, I knew they were serious.”

In helping her parents find a suitable home, they found the best value for money at Amber by Living Gems. Her parents, Daphne and Ken, could move into a brand-new home and not have to worry about maintenance.

Best of all, it wasn’t too far from Robyn and Kevin, or their granddaughter Savannah, husband Lachie, and their fur-baby Digby. Digby used to stay with Robyn during the day while his parents worked but is now a regular daytime visitor with Daphne and Ken.

“We really liked the idea of community living at Amber for Mum and Dad, as it meant they could make new friends and have people around while we worked,” Robyn said.

Robyn said she and Kevin would often toy with the idea of downsizing and moving into the community when they visited her parents.

“Then when the second stage was in planning, we put our name down and picked a block we liked and a house we liked. Our house was too large now for just the two of us. With a big house there was lots of maintenance and cleaning and as we get older, we want to enjoy life instead of always working.”

When building began on the second stage of Amber and Robyn and Kevin were called to see if they were still interested, that’s when they made the decision to move.

“We sold in Helensvale and moved to be close to Mum and Dad, and Savannah and Lachie, and Kevin’s daughter Caitlin who also lived nearby. Kevin’s other daughter Eliana lives on the Gold Coast, so we are still close to her.

“We moved into Amber in January, and I have the luxury of working from home while Kevin works in construction and his job can take him anywhere in south east Queensland.”

Former farmers, Ken and Daphne have settled well into resort life at Logan Village. They have made good friends since being at Amber and join in regularly with activities in the resort.

“We had 40 years in Cooma, and I guess we got to the point where we wanted to be closer to our only child and only grandchild,” Daphne said.

“Our old house also had many steps which was not good as we get older. We are country people who don’t really want the hustle and bustle of the city, but Amber by Living Gems is nice and quiet, and we like being part of the community.”

Living ‘gens’ - Two generations call Amber home