Opal residents playing in swimming pool with grandchildren
Opal by Living Gems

Light of our lives

Opal residents playing in swimming pool with grandchildren

Couple rejoice at sharing time with grandkids

Life would feel lonely without grandchildren, according to Opal by Living Gems homeowners Desley and Vic McMullen, who between them have 13 grandkids and one four-month-old great grandson.

“We were married 30 years ago, a second marriage for both of us, and have quite a few grandchildren, aged from eight to 25, who are the light of our lives and all so precious to us,” said Desley, who never misses an opportunity to spend time with them.

Minding the children gives the couple great joy.

“We see my son’s three daughters, eight-year-old twins and a ten-year-old, more often than the other grandchildren these days and have never been short of ideas when it comes to keeping them occupied,” said Desley.

The over-50s lifestyle resort has plenty to interest the girls including a great swimming pool and heated spa in the Country Club.

“They are like ducks to water when it comes to the pool and always come equipped with their swimming goggles. Often, they can swim with other children who are visiting the resort as well and while it takes them a little time to sum up the courage to say hello, it usually isn’t long before they are all happily playing together. I’m always there to cheer them on as well,” said Desley.

Opal by Living Gems is ideally located to provide many options for the couple (nanny and poppy) and their grandchildren.

Desley says she often takes her granddaughters to the park beside the Logan Village library, which has a skate park and playground with swings, slippery dips and more, and the shopping centre is also nearby allowing them to buy drinks and ice creams for a special treat.

“At the back of our resort we also have a big area of parkland with tennis and croquet courts where it is also great to go on walks together.”

The grandchildren also have plenty to do at the couple’s home where activities such as drawing, playing games, jigsaws and cooking cakes are favourite pastimes.

Desley and Vic love all their grandchildren as well as their newly arrived great grandson and say they share a special bond with each and every one of them.

“We have watched and been a part of their lives as all 13 have grown and matured and couldn’t be prouder of them. They keep us young and while they are a bit too big for us to pick up these days, we just adore spending time with them and hearing about all their different interests and life experiences. We consider ourselves so blessed to have them as part of our lives.”

Opal residents playing in swimming pool with grandchildren