Frame that shot

Frame that shot

Pretty as a picture! Living Gems’ popular photo competition returns for 2024.

We’re looking for creative photographs that showcase why the Living Gems lifestyle is simply lifechanging.

They can be terrific travel destinations, wonderful wildlife photography or fabulous times with friends. Entries open to all Living Gems homeowners.

The best photograph each month will be featured on the back page of Thrive magazine as well as on Living Gems’ Facebook page.

Get snapping! The competition will run until 1 November 2024. Submissions should be sent to

April Photo Winner

With a rainbow this vibrant, the pot of gold surely can’t be too far away. Phil Parker from Opal by Living Gems took this photo at the resort in leafy Logan Village.

Guidelines for submitting your photos

Photos must be:

  • Be taken by you
  • Be at least 2MB in size
  • Include the location of the photograph, along with any interesting information about the destination.