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Benefits of golf for seniors

So, you’ve reached the golden age of retirement and are looking for a new hobby. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to play golf? Or maybe it wasn’t on your radar while you were working? Whichever the case, you now have the time to dedicate to the fun (and sometimes) challenging sport of golf for seniors. 

5 Benefits of Golf For Seniors

Why golf? Because it’s a sport that provides significant health benefits to seniors. In fact, an international research study which was backed The R&A (one of golf’s governing bodies) found evidence to suggest that golf improves physical health and can also improve quality of life. Helping to develop muscle strength and balance, golf is a great aerobic activity and encourages social connection with like-minded people.

  1. The perfect low impact exercise

Did you know that one round of golf incorporates around 15,000 steps? That’s a lot more than the 10,000 daily steps recommended to stay healthy! Plus, playing 18 holes will burn over 1,400 calories! Amazing, right?

Added to this, is the fact that golf improves your walking and standing capacity, along with your balance and core strength. From walking the course, to swinging your clubs and bending down to pick up your ball, playing golf keeps your muscles engaged and your joints moving more freely. There’s also the added exercise bonus of searching for your ball (the not-so-fun part).

  1. Golf keeps your mind stimulated

We often hear people talking about their golf and if you listen closely, you’ll find that a lot of it is based on their mental game. Golf requires you to be mentally sharp, focused and on the ball (literally). You need to think strategically, taking into account your swing, the ball location, grass depth, wind direction, slope and much more!

  1. Less stress, more happiness

Fun fact: The exercise you get from playing golf releases endorphins into your brain. And these chemicals give us a natural high, making us feel happy. Combine this with the social aspect of playing golf, and what a great way to achieve a feeling of contentment and wellness. 

  1. A new lease on life

Golf for seniors is wonderful for giving you a sense of purpose, especially now that you’re no longer working. Providing you with something to look forward to every week (or more), golf provides hours of entertainment. And, when you’re not playing golf, you’re probably thinking about your next game, practicing your swing or out on the putting green.

  1. Good times with good friends

While golf is a competitive game, it’s also very social.  Regular golfing outings not only include your weekly game, but also extend to tournaments, weekends away and of course the clubhouse catch-up after every game.

Keeping you connected to other seniors who have similar interests, golf is a great way to unwind with friends and is wonderful for your overall wellbeing.

How, where and when to start playing golf

If you haven’t played golf before, it’s a good idea to first get some lessons from your local golf pro. Then, it’s about practice, practice, practice. Make it a regular thing to go to a nearby driving range where you can hit a bucket of balls and start perfecting your swing. 

Or, If you’re lucky enough to be a Living Gem, why not head to the golf simulator or putting green in your Resort! Located right on your doorstep, it’s super convenient and a lot of fun!   

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