Amber resident playing basketball with grandchildren
Amber by Living Gems

A grand love

Amber resident playing basketball with grandchildren

Grandkids add a precious new dimension

Fay and Bob Brodhurst-Hill are the epitome of doting grandparents, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The couple, who live at Amber by Living Gems, say they are available 99 percent of the time to care for their nine grandchildren who are spread from Eagleby and Redland Bay to Cairns, and aged from five months to 22 years.

“We feel so blessed to have grandchildren with whom we share such a special bond. They make our day, brighten up our lives, keep us young and give us this unbelievable adrenalin to
go out and enjoy activities together. My heart just bursts at the seams when I think about our beautiful grandchildren,” said Fay.

The couple, who are both 68 and have been married for 47 years, care for their grandchildren at every opportunity.

“Now that we are retired, we have plenty of time to devote to our grandkids and we couldn’t think of a better way to fill in a day,” said Bob.

With Amber by Living Gems ideally located close to shops, parks, and facilities, there is always plenty of options when it comes to keeping all ages happy and engaged in something they love doing.

“We are never short of ideas with popular activities including table tennis, cooking, and playing UNO, snap or snakes and ladders. We also love to walk to the park, play basketball and have a swing in the playground. When the resort’s new Country Club is completed, there will be even more fabulous options for us all including favourites such as ten-pin bowling, swimming, and watching movies in the theatre,” said Fay.

Each of their grandchildren are different from each other, according to the grandparents who added: “We love that about them and always treat them as individuals,” said Fay.

One of the grandsons is shaping up to be a great cook too.

“We taught him how to make pancakes when he was just a toddler and it’s something he is really good at now. Mind you, all our grandkids get great enjoyment out of making cakes together too.”

Fay said that having grandchildren also helps them to see a different aspect of life.

“While we are able to teach them about our life experiences – which they find quite amusing – they have taught us so much about the internet and new technology. We learn from each other all the time,” said Fay.

Bob and the Cairns-based grandkids also share a special handshake, and the boys are often inquisitive about cars he has owned and any fishing tips he might have such as the best lures or rods to use.

One of the best things about having grandchildren visit, according to Fay, is having kids and babies around again.

“We had four children and were always surrounded by our kids as well as all their friends as they grew up. When they moved out, we felt so empty and lost, so having our grandchildren around now is just heaven. We love them so much and share such a special bond!

“And, do you know, life only gets better from here as we watch them blossom and grow. We are so proud of each and every one of them and will always love them more than life itself.”

Amber resident playing basketball with grandchildren