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6 excellent companion pets for older adults

Companion pets can totally change your life. They are loving, faithful and protective. But the benefits go a little further than this. Yes, your devoted furry friend will keep you company, give you a sense of purpose, help you stay active (hello daily walk) and is great for lifting your mood. They truly are amazing and here are our six of our favourites.

6 Best Companion Pets For Older Adults

  1. Cavoodle

Cavoodles make wonderful companion pets. Lively and affectionate they are also gentle, loyal and people-orientated. They can be easily trained but are also very curious by nature. You’ll need to provide plenty of stimulation for them – which is a bonus as it will keep both your body and mind (very) active.

  1. Persian Cat

Known for their sweet and gentle personalities, Persians love to sit on your lap. These beauties prefer a calm and quiet environment and love routine. Sometimes playful, they are generally well-behaved and love nothing better than to spend time with you. 

  1. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers have a strong, outgoing and friendly personality and are known to be very patient with children (perfect if you have the grandkids over). They are family-oriented, obedient and quick to learn. They love to get out for a walk but are also very alert and will keep a good watch over your home.

  1. Sphynx

Distinct and unique, the Sphynx is a hairless cat that often likes to get into mischief! Friendly and smart, they love attention and are super affectionate. The Sphynx always wants to spend time with you and is very happy to snuggle up in a warm and cosy spot for a snooze.

  1. Maltese

The perfect lapdog, this cute little companion thrives on attention. They’re also very tuned in to their owner and are aware of your emotions – providing you with endless comfort. Super lively they are always up for playtime, and love to learn new tricks (and show them off). 

  1. Ragdolls

With a sweet temperament, ragdolls have a gentle, laid-back nature. They are wonderful companion pets for over 50s, happy to follow you wherever you go. While playful (you can teach them to play fetch), they’re not overly active. Instead, they often prefer to sit in your lap and enjoy some loving pats.

Of course, this is just a snapshot of the many pets that make wonderful companions for older adults. We haven’t even touched on guinea pigs, rabbits and birds. Phew!