Live Life On Your Own Terms

If you want to become more independent, then move into an over 50s Resort! Now, that may sound odd, but it’s actually true. Let’s take a look at why Home Owners at Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts are independent, ‘progressive’ retirees. They have the time, sense of adventure and resources to travel and do the things they are passionate about.

Your Own Lifestyle Choices

This is finally your time to do the things that you want to do. Now that many of the responsibilities you had, such as family and work commitments have been met, you can spend time on yourself. Living Gems is here to help you along the way.

Being independent has many dimensions. Here are some of the things that will help you live life on your own terms in a Living Gems Resort:

More Time For Yourself
As you shelve many of the mundane tasks and chores that consumed your time in the past, you will have more time to do the things you want to do.

Travel As Much As You Want
After moving into a Living Gems Resort, you’ll have more time to travel to those special places you’ve always dreamed of.

Freedom To Participate At Your Own Pace
Whilst there are many community activities, you choose how much or how little you want to get involved. Everybody discovers a level of involvement they are comfortable to enjoy.

Visitors and Family
You are living in your own home and you can have family and friends come over to visit whenever you like.

Pet Companions
As we’ve said elsewhere, all Living Gems Resorts are pet friendly. So, bring your pet companion or even get a new pet when you move into a Living Gems Resort.

Home Owners Have A Voice

To be truly independent, you should have a say in the way your community is run.

Living Gems prides itself on the level of ongoing engagement that we enjoy with Home Owners at each and every one of our Lifestyle Resorts.

Unlike traditional property developers, Living Gems continues to have a vested interest in our Lifestyle Resorts – even the completely ‘sold-out’ ones. We don’t just sell you a house and then forget about you.

We’re in this together for the long haul.

We conduct regular meetings with Home Owners Committees for the purposes of discussing ongoing improvements and reinvestment into each Lifestyle Resort.

We understand the need to have your voice heard and, more importantly, it should be acted upon. We ensure this happens in a number of ways.

Yes, you can talk directly with the Resort Operators
A very significant advantage of being a Home Owner at Living Gems, is that every Resort is a family-run organisation. This means you have easy access to the very top, to have your voice heard.

You will be consulted
The management of the Living Gems group is very consultative. We consult with Committees and individual Home Owners when important decisions affecting the community are made.

An active Home Owners’ Committee
You will also find that your Home Owners Committee is very active and has your interests at heart at all times.

Day-to-day issues
For those things that may require immediate attention, a Resort Manager is around to assist.

Oh, and by the way, our business model does not rely on a turnover of Home Owners to survive! We don’t want, or plan, for you to leave so that we can slug you with deferred management fees.

We want our Home Owners to live long and happy lives within the comfort of their own homes, inside a community of like-minded, friendly and welcoming people.

As Individual As You

When you visit any of our Resorts, you will be struck by how individualised the homes are.

At Living Gems, house designs are varied because we know that no single design can fit every taste.

Living Gems prides itself on home customisation and personalisation. We understand that your home is your castle, and we work with you to convert your dreams into reality.

There are many house designs and interior options for to choose from as a starting point, and then you can tailor your preferred designs to fit your own needs and tastes.

We even have a team of interior designers on staff who will work with you to make your home ‘just right’.