Stay On The Ball

We’re all looking for an active, social and engaged retirement lifestyle. This not only adds to our lifespans, but also helps to ensure that our future years will be healthy and fulfilling.

People living in communities have fewer hospital visits than others; socially active people have lower incidences of depression; mental activity could delay the onset of dementia – the benefits of staying active and social are extensive.

The supportive community underpinning every Living Gems Lifestyle Resort assists Home Owners to be both mentally and physically active. Individual Lifestyle Resorts may also arrange for external health and fitness instructors to visit their community, assisting Home Owners to build and maintain better health.

Living Gems man playing tennis
Living Gems couple working out in the gym
Living Gems man swimming in pool

Walk Out Or Workout

There are a host of activity-based facilities in each Lifestyle Resort that are free for Home Owners to use. Varying from location to location, these may include a heated pool with easy entry and exit for the less mobile amongst us, a bowling green, a tennis court and even a gymnasium.

These facilities are no more than a short stroll away from your new home. Ease of access means that Home Owners tend to exercise more frequently.

The internal streets within each Living Gems Lifestyle Resort are typically free of traffic and safe for Home Owners to use at all times. Home Owners are therefore able to enjoy a fantastic network of walking routes on a daily basis; all without having to leave the convenience of “home”.

Get Together & Enjoy Life

The general atmosphere within Living Gems Resorts is perhaps the greatest single benefit to the social and mental wellness of our Home Owners.

Most Home Owners are part of a generation of people who ‘know their neighbours’ and ‘care about their neighbours’. You will never be short of somebody to talk to, have a drink with or share common interests.

Building on this very solid base of a caring and supportive community, Home Owners in each Resort organise frequent social events, outings and tours.

You can take part as little or as much as you like. Life within a positive social atmosphere will help you to develop and sustain a happy outlook.

Keep Up To Speed

Our Home Owners can choose their own health practitioners such as GPs, specialists and the medical facilities they need.

However, each Resort may also have consulting rooms that are available to visiting practitioners and allied health professionals such as physiotherapists.

All Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts are close to medical facilities and are within easy access of hospitals and medical centres if the need arises. There are also shopping centres with pharmacies close by.