Meet Harry & Charlie Rae

Names: Harry and Charlie

Age: 13 and 12 years

Sex: Male

Parents: John and Helen Rae.

What type of dog are you?

Harry: We’re half brothers. Cocker spaniels.

What’s your favourite food?

Charlie: Lamb necks, for sure. When John and Helen picked us up from the pound a decade ago, our teeth needed some attention. After chewing lamb necks for years they are in extremely good condition for our ages.

What is your favourite toy?

Harry: We are well past the toy stage and were never interested, to be honest.

Which part of Living Gems Caboolture do you enjoy the most?

Harry: I love the new kennel that we got when we arrived. I spend most of my day in it.

Charlie: I’m very happy on the patio off the side of the kitchen. The sun shines down onto the tiles in the afternoon, and it’s a very comfortable place to lie down for a nap.

What’s your most annoying habit?

Harry: We’re lovely old geezers with few bad habits, well at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Charlie: I’ve even toned down my barking since we moved into Living Gems Caboolture. I’m a good boy!

Do you have a standout moment?

Harry: I went on an epic adventure last week and ended up at RSPCA Dakabin. John and Helen didn’t realise I was missing for around six hours, and in that time I got lost, had a ride in a tradie’s utility, escaped the sales office twice, and was taken to a vet in Morayfield before getting a ride to Dakabin. Luckily, I had recently been registered to my new address so could be tracked to my rightful home.

Charlie: It’s not actually a standout moment, but I had a tick and was a very sick boy for several days. After breaking Mum and Dad’s bank account, I recovered reasonably quickly.

Who treats you the best? Mum or dad?

Charlie: They are both lovely people. It’s Mum for me, because it’s Dad who will always hand out the punishment if we’re naughty.