Living Gems Pacific Paradise is Party Central

Hostess extraordinaire and Living Gems Pacific Paradise sales manager Victoria Dent has planned a Friday night Happy Hour.

Invited guests include people who are already enjoying the lifestyle at the new Sunshine Coast resort and those who are soon to join them. Victoria says she loves hosting events. “I enjoy sharing a few drinks and some tasty canapés with friends.

The Pacific Paradise residents and staff haven’t known each other for very long but we have already formed firm friendships. “About 60 people have been invited to this event.

I like to prepare the food myself, my specialities include canapés and pastries. I will be in the kitchen until everyone arrives and then it will be party time.

The people here enjoy a great social life and they love a party. I am looking forward to helping everyone have a great time. There will be music, dancing and most important of all, good company” Victoria says.