Living Gems home owner enjoys capital gain

Fifteen years ago, British immigrants, Maureen Moore and her late husband, excitedly purchased a brand-new home at Sapphire by Living Gems. The decision was not hasty; they had carefully weighed up a number of options but in the end Living Gems felt the most like home.

“When we first started our hunt for a lifestyle resort our main focus was to get out of suburbia and get somewhere that was secure. The second thing was a place where we felt welcome, where you knew there was always someone looking out for you.”

Now Maureen and her Bichon Frise Poodle find the home is more than they need and are ready to move on. Maureen’s home had only been on the market for nine days when the first offer came rolling in.

“I occupy the largest spot in the whole resort here, so it didn’t take long to sell! When the home was brand new 15 years ago we bought it for $175,000 and it sold last week for $350,000 – a fantastic capital gain.”

Maureen has thoroughly enjoyed the past 15 years spent at Sapphire by Living Gems and is sad to say goodbye. The many friendships she has formed here will last a lifetime – no matter where she goes next.

“There are always events and activities going on at the resort which can be fun to join in on. When I take my little dog, Reggie for a walk it is lovely to see all the smiling faces and chat with all the other home owners in the resort,” says Maureen.

When you move into a Living Gems Lifestyle resort, ownership is yours outright. Living Gems home owners live confidently, knowing that if they decide to sell, they won’t be required to pay deferred management fees or part with any capital gain their home might have accrued during their residency.


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