Live every day like you’re on holiday

Live every day like you’re on holiday

Living Gems Sales Manager Victoria Dent said that residents at the Pacific Paradise resort certainly make the most of every day.

“It is wonderful to see everyone enjoying all the resort has to offer; be that lawn bowls competitions, tennis matches, aqua aerobics, leisurely strolls around the resort or happy hour drinks with friends.”

“You occasionally go quite some time without seeing certain residents as they’re always off travelling the world,” says Ms Dent.

Living Gems residents David and Beth Nielsen said moving into Pacific Paradise allowed them to downsize from their former canal-front property on the Sunshine Coast, and it has freed them up to do more travelling.

“We felt that it was time to downsize, and by living here, at a turnkey resort, we knew we could go off travelling even more than we had in the past.”

“We have been on 70 cruises spanning every continent apart from Antarctica. We travel to see this fascinating world in which we live, and we are somewhat addicted to it,” says David.

Ms Dent said that residents at Living Gems Pacific Paradise all agree that they have found their place in the sun.

“As well as enjoying meals in the country club and BBQs by the pool on a Sunday afternoon, residents enjoy getting out and exploring the local area for the perfect place to eat.”

“We are surrounded by an abundance of restaurants serving up delightful food that would make even the most accomplished foodie sing.”

“The North Shore Tavern is only a 10-minute walk from the resort if you’re after pub food, or you can travel ten minutes by car to reach The Loose Goose, Nouveau Bar or Lily’s on the Lagoon in Twin Waters.”

“The Piano Bar in Maroochydore offers a lovely atmosphere and most nights you can enjoy live jazz music. Make sure to try one of The Piano Bar’s signature cocktails,” says Ms Dent.

With all this at your fingertips you can be sure you’ll live everyday like you’re on holiday at Living Gems Pacific Paradise.

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