How to choose the best Real Estate Agent to sell your home?

How to choose the best Real Estate Agent to sell your home?

Regardless of whether you’re Googling to find the best agent in town, or you’re happy to list with someone you’ve used before, we’ve compiled a list of helpful questions to get your sale campaign heading in the right direction.

Question 1: What is the status of the current market?

Knowing if the current market at its peak or at the very bottom, rising or declining or if it’s stable is very helpful in accurately predicting buyer behaviours. For example: if you’re selling at the very bottom of a stable market, buyers will be looking to secure a contract quickly before the market starts to recover again, as this will maximise their capital growth.

Question 2: How does my suburb perform differently to the neighbouring suburbs?

Finding out what market trends are unique to your suburb can help to identify your target demographic, as well as track the progress of your sale campaign more accurately.

If the majority of comparable properties are being purchased by investors and selling in less than 35 days on market, you’ll know where to direct your advertising budget. This also arms you with a good yardstick for the sale campaign timeline.

Question 3: Recommended method of sale for my home – Private Treaty (with a price) or Auction?

Make sure you fully understand the reasons your agent has recommended a particular method of sale, as it is not always best to go with what we as the seller feel more comfortable with.

Question 4: Agent market share and performance?
Your agent should be able to demonstrate experience and proven performance as this is essential to achieving the best possible result. For instance: An agent new to the industry won’t be able to provide data or client testimonials from previous sales.

Question 5: Commission and marketing costs?

This is without a doubt the most difficult area to compare as not all commission & marketing are created equal and as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. The ‘cheapest’ agent who ‘pays for the advertising’ can sometimes be the most expensive agent. The most important figure to focus on is the profit, the amount you have left in your pocket at the end of the transaction

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