Living Gems example of ethical over-50s resort business model

Living Gems has described the practices of retirement village operators exposed in the media as “unfortunate”, and says that in contrast, Living Gems is a shining example of an ethical over 50s resort business.

A recent Four Corners program highlighted the business practices of a retirement village operator, which charges large exit fees and allegedly strives for high resident turnover.

General Manager Vlad Pullich says it is unfortunate that people who are in a sensitive time at their lives are put in the position as has been described in the media.

Unveiling of the grand piano at Living Gems Pacific Paradise

A stunning showpiece of the Living Gems Pacific Paradise clubhouse has recently been unveiled.

The newly refurbished baby grand piano, kindly lent to Living Gems Pacific Paradise by the Gowty family, currently resides in the entrance to the clubhouse.